Mini ArtTables

Off the wall
and on with the game

Our Mini ArtTables are designed to hang beautifully on your wall and give you a great ping pong experience within seconds.

The idea evolved from the modern need for compact living and the love of beautiful objects with a real life purpose to populate our living spaces.

The future of ping pong
is looking bright

The table frame is made from top grade birch ply wood. The surface and net are covered with a high pressure laminate that uses special inks to match the intensity of your game. The supporting steel rod is powder coated.

Single colour
Two tone pattern

Product details

Available colours: orange, yellow, pink and green

Dimensions as table:
1400mm x 740mm x 740mm
Dimensions on wall:
1400mm x 740mm x 60mm

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Why ping pong is the game
of choice for creatives

When we spend large amounts of time concentrating on one task we lose the mental ability to successfully connect memory, stored data and new information together. So taking short, active breaks has been proven to be good for productivity, creativity and problem solving. Ping Pong can open up something in our brains that is called our default mode network, it’s like a day dreaming state. In this state we are more likely to solve a problem or have a eureka moment.

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