Ping Pong Parties

Our popular ping pong parties bring you nights of Mini Pong tournaments and games, paddle art workshops and great music.

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We’ve held regular nights at The Book Club in Shoreditch. We were part of the launch programme for the opening week of the new Hoxton Hotel in Southwark – partnering with Collage Club for special ArtPaddle workshops – and we’ve toured our nights around many venues in London.

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To celebrate our art focussed approach to ping pong we often host paddle art workshops alongside the tournaments. These have seen us collaborate with Collage Club, Ugly Drinks, The Hoxton Hotels, The Collective Living, Nice Wine, GF Smith, Protein Studios, Creole Cuts and Foil Co.

ArtPaddle kits for home

We’ve partnered with Collage Club top create ArtPaddle kits for your home. Each pack contains a plywood paddle and a bunch of colourful pieces from Collage Club’s studio. A mix of fun colours, textures, hand painted papers, shapes and stickers for you to create your own paddle artwork.

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Can you create something as fun as the artworks from our 2019 exhibition and charity auction of collaged paddles by some of the world’s most exciting collage artists?

Fullsize, full colour!

We recently installed two outdoor tables to Cabot Square in Canary Wharf.

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The new ping pong ArtNet, where any table becomes your ping pong playground!

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