Off the wall
and on with the game

Born out of a long standing love of ping pong and a background in design we have created a table that hangs beautifully on your wall and gives you a great ping pong experience within seconds.

The idea evolved from the modern need for compact living and the love of beautiful objects with a real life purpose to populate our living spaces.

Outta space!

Space is almost always in short supply in our homes. Whether in early adult life as you flat share, urban studio living as a young professional, or as your kids’ high chairs, scooters and bikes multiply like gremlins.

So when forced to finally part with our beloved old ping pong table we were determined to find a way to keep the game going. The synergy of art and ping pong has always been at the heart of AoPP and so this was the catalyst for the idea of creating a mini table that hangs on the wall to embody art itself.

We launched our ArtTables at the London Design Fair in 2019. They were picked out by The Evening Standard and included in their list of top ten products from the London and Paris design fairs.

Since then we have designed unique collections for Selfridges and Mr Porter. As well as creating artist collab collections, like this one with one of our favs Kelly Anna.

Each table is hand made to order in limited numbers in our East London workshop.

We regularly release new designs and collaborate with some of the world’s most talented illustrators to create special limited edition collections.

The table tops are fully customisable with your own designs. We also welcome special commissions.

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Product details

Each table is made from birch plywood with acrylic and stainless steel details. The net is bonded both sides with a black laminate.

Dimensions as table:
1400mm x 740mm x 740mm
Dimensions on wall:
1400mm x 740mm x 60mm

Why ping pong is the game
of choice for creatives

When we spend large amounts of time concentrating on one task we lose the mental ability to successfully connect memory, stored data and new information together. So taking short, active breaks has been proven to be good for productivity, creativity and problem solving. Ping Pong can open up something in our brains that is called our default mode network, it’s like a day dreaming state. In this state we are more likely to solve a problem or have a eureka moment.

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Art of Ping Pong For Good

In 2019 we collaborated with GreenHouse Sports to create two bespoke 3/4 size tables for open play in Spitalfields Market. The event was to raise awareness for the work of GreenHouse Sports who use coaching and mentoring to support disadvantaged young Londoners.

We partnered up with two of our illustrator pals, Hattie Stewart and Rob Flowers, to create really vibrant designs that were printed to the table surfaces.

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The new ping pong ArtNet, where any table becomes your ping pong playground!

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